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Our Services
Our company offers both in-person and online tutoring for students who wish to achieve their maximum potential on the LSAT. Our system is designed to be as effective and cost-effective as possible, and is structured to give students maximum value for their investment of time and money. It is particularly well-suited to self-studiers, but we have also helped many students raise their scores significantly after full-length courses.

One major aspect of our system is the gradual and intelligent development of LSAT skills. Instead of trying to develop understanding, speed, and endurance simultaneously, we develop each in turn, leading to a far easier and more effective learning experience.
All instructors with our company have scored above the 99th percentile on the LSAT.
In addition, all have attended (or are attending) Top-10 law schools.
Our Instructors
Superior instructors, lower fees.
Our tutors are among the best in the nation, as we have far higher standards than corporate programs like Kaplan. However, we also charge much less, and allow our clients to determine exactly how much they wish to spend.